Diane Berenbaum, Senior VP, Communico Ltd. (business partner)
“I have worked closely with Cathy for over seven years and have the highest regard and respect for her. She has a strong executive foundation and possesses competencies that bring out the best in people and drive great performance. She has all the attributes of successful senior leaders including: visioning, aligning, strategizing, planning, executing, and developing people. Cathy’s leadership has contributed to the attainment of unprecedented outcomes. The results speak for themselves—her organization achieved high quality assurance scores, won prestigious client awards, and was honored for outstanding customer satisfaction in industry benchmarking surveys. My organization was so impressed with their commitment to service and measurable results that we wrote a case study highlighting their success: Budd Van Lines Delivers Consistent Quality and Award-winning Service, Even in a Down Market. It’s a pleasure to partner with Cathy. Her support throughout our professional relationship has been phenomenal. I am confident that she will make a big impact in any organization lucky enough to have her.” January 2, 2014

Jeremiah Walsh, Vice President, Communico, Ltd (business partner)
“I am a Senior Consultant for Communico, Ltd, a customer relations consulting and training firm based in Westport, CT. I have worked with leaders and staff of Budd Van Lines and their corporate office in Somerset, NJ beginning in 2008. As a Customer Relations consultant, I work with companies throughout the US and Europe. Over the past six years, it has been my pleasure to work with Cathy. I have been impressed with Cathy’s customer centric focus, her professional demeanor and her consistent strive for excellence in the performance of Budd Van Lines customer service team. In her tenure, Cathy has held personnel throughout the organization to a high standard of customer service performance behaviors both with clients and internally with the BVL team. Cathy is dedicated, reliable, loyal and always upbeat. She has a broad knowledge of the relocation industry and has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to exceeding client expectations. She has always been fair in her decisions and can calm even the angriest customer. Cathy is a hardworking, top-performing customer service professional and I heartily endorse her for any leadership position in the field of customer relations.”” January 4, 2014

Adam Lowy, Executive Director, Move For Hunger (business partner)
“Cathy is an incredibly passionate individual who brings meticulous attention to detail and strategic thinking into every project she takes on. It is always a pleasure to work with her.” December 13, 2013

Gavin Christiansen, Director of Operations at Move For Hunger (business partner)
“Cathy was instrumental in developing the partnership between Budd Van Lines and Move For Hunger. Through her support and enthusiasm the Move For Hunger program became part of Budd Van Lines company culture at all of their locations across the US. Without Cathy’s hard work and dedication none of this would have happened. Working with Cathy was an absolute pleasure. Her strong work ethic and dedication would be an asset to any company.” January 24, 2014.

Max Lowy, Move For Hunger Program Manager / Special Events Manager, Move For Hunger (business partner)
“Cathy has been a pleasure to work with. Her efforts and enthusiasm about “Doing Good” within the work place allowed us to continue a strong partnership between Move For Hunger and Budd Van Lines. She is extremely dedicated to her work and will always go above and beyond to help a co-worker or friend.” December 18, 2013

Jason Taetsch, Public Relations Director, Move For Hunger (business partner)
“Cathy was a tremendous partner for our organization. Her expertise and superior planning skills were instrumental in securing a TV News segment about Move For Hunger, and incorporating Move For Hunger’s mission into the Budd Van Lines model.” December 17, 2013

Alexandra Marcus, Program Manager, Move For Hunger (business partner)
“Cathy’s hard work ethic and passion shine, making her a perfect candidate to represent any organization or company. She excites others and has the ability to make things happen. Personally, I know that working with Cathy means a successful event.” December 16, 2013

Wangshu (Selene) Li, Graduate Student – Master of Human Resource Management, Rutgers University (Client)
“Cathy is a very warm-hearted, helpful, responsible consultant. She helped me with my resume at the Rutgers Job Boot Camp and continued to help me improve my resume and cover letter several times. She is always willing to provide kind help to students who are on their way seeking jobs. Thank you Cathy!” April 24, 2014