My Story

Cathy Podium
I began my managerial career working for Somerset Tire Service in 1990 as a Manager of Human Resources. In 1999 I joined Budd Van Lines as Director of Human Resources. In 2005, after I volunteered to take over a floundering Information Technology project and brought it to completion, I was promoted to the expanded role of Vice President National Services. In this new role I had a myriad functions under my umbrella including Human Resources, Client Services, Account Management, Risk Management, and Billing.

Joining Budd Van Lines’ Senior Management Team has been both a challenging and rewarding experience. It has enabled me to continue to develop my management skills as well as put them to good use. Some of my management strengths include:

- Strong Project Management Skills
These skills were evident when I took over the management of an Information Technology project that was floundering and successfully bought it to completion.

- Collaborative, Supportive Management style
In my role as VP National Services I had to work with other organizations within Budd Van Lines to achieve results. This was particularly evident with the Communico Magic(R) project and my collaboration with Operational Management in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience. My management style allows me to achieve results through cross functional teams even in areas where I may not be the subject matter expert or have the in-depth knowledge in a specific field.

- An interest in giving back to the Community
I was particularly proud of my efforts to partner with Move for Hunger and Rutgers Against Hunger in a way that complemented Budd Van Lines’ business to make a difference in alleviating hunger.

- An Ability to see the Big Picture combined with a Talent for Managing Details

- Good Oral and Written Communicator
When Budd Van LInes decided to implement a goal of Consistent Service Quality, I worked with Operational Management to communicate to every driver, packer, coordinator and salesperson the need to buy-in which was a tall task for such a diverse audience that is dispersed throughout the country. I have also appeared on news programs and written articles for newspapers describing various Budd Van Lines initiatives, such as the Move for Hunger project, which has resulted a positive corporate image.

- High Energy Level and a Willingness to try New Things

My background as a Human Resources professional makes me a better leader of other functional areas as I see things through the human capital lens. Being a multifaceted executive makes me a better Human Resources professional as I understand the perspectives and challenges of the business and its internal and external customers.

Given my strong business background I have an excellent understanding of what drives profitability and cash flow, a market and customer focused approach to the business, and an overall big picture understanding of the organization and its interrelationships.